The 2 Choices We All Face in 2021

3 min readDec 19, 2020

We are all living through the most intense era of information aggregation, communications dissemination and data transfer in the history of our species.

It’s requiring us to process, on a daily basis, the same amount of information that many people in past centuries had to process over their entire lifetimes.

This is causing people to react in mostly two ways.

Some people are rising to the occasion, thriving, growing, elevating, educating themselves, learning and up-skilling, claiming their power and discovering new strengths they didn’t even know they previously possessed.

Others are shrinking — reluctant to evolve, decrying the pace of change, trying desperately to escape reality by numbing themselves with alcohol and drugs and any substance they can get their hands on that could allow them to get through one more day with metaphorical blinders on. For so many, that vice may be something as simple and as innocent as constantly binge-watching shows on Netflix.

This isn’t the time in history for that.

We are now all unmistakably on a battlefield of creation energy.

The schism between those that are accepting this truth, tapping into this creation energy, rolling up their sleeves and industriously manufacturing new realities, launching new products and services, creating courses, offering coaching and teaching and sharing their skills and knowledge with others, fostering and growing audiences and online communities, figuring out how to serve and empower and uplift not just themselves but tapping into the power of the internet so that they can amplify their efforts and possibly help someone on the other side of the planet — versus those that are not — is very stark right now.

Think of how many people you know, right now, who are simply in a mental holding pattern, hibernating, cursing 2020, lamenting their lives, hoping that the calendar flipping to 2021 is going to be the thing that resets everything “back to normal” — the normal of 2019 and every year prior.

Playing small, out of fear.

Some indignantly and defiantly so, out of arrogance and from a place of not wanting to compete, feeling that they are above competition, not realizing that it is not about competition — but about contribution.

Contribution to creative abundance.

We all wake up everyday now and are faced with a crystal clear choice — think of yourself as part of a human tapestry, a species that at this moment is in dire need of help and enlightenment, seek to create value for others and be of service to the planet, to your community, to your family and loved ones, to yourself.

Or -


However, 2021 isn’t going to “save” you.

The vaccine isn’t going to save you.

Things will be even more intense in 2021.

2021 will require even more from you.

Take care of your mental health.

Protect your immune system.

Fortify your gut-brain connection.

Your health is your wealth.

Take personal inventory, deep-dive into your soul, endeavour to unlock your creative instincts and wake up to the fact that this is indeed happening, this battlefield is very real, this matrix of creative versus destructive energy is not to be ignored.

We are at a crossroads of consciousness — a consciousness that we can no longer turn away from.

It is all encompassing. It is all around us.

Create — or consume.

Light vs darkness.

Open your eyes — or keep numbing yourself and keep them closed.

Program your mind — or it will be programmed for you.

The choice is yours.




Founder, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Advisor & Investor