MICROMINERS: an inclusive blockchain lifestyle brand for people everywhere.

6 min readMar 6, 2022
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NFT projects are difficult to launch because they are startups — and startups by their very nature are difficult to launch.

NFT projects are businesses that require brand development, business model planning, human resource planning, product management, marketing, community building and customer acquisition — just as any business has required over the past 100 years.

But no one calls them businesses.

We still refer to them as projects, and the effort required to start and sustain these new corporate entities is often overlooked and underestimated, especially because so many of these projects are currently run by inexperienced teams.

On February 10th, almost a month ago, my team debuted an NFT project called MicroMiners. This was a soft-launch, revealing the brand to the world by unveiling our new Twitter account — @MicroMinersNFT.

Months and years lie ahead of building community around our mission and engaging people everywhere about our philosophy, our products and the roadmap of our brand vision.

The MicroMiners team is a joint venture that was created between my agency New Copy Media and Toronto-based technology development firm iTexxia.

New Copy Media is a full-stack marketing firm that has specialized in digital marketing, content marketing, community building and e-commerce systems management over the past decade, working with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

A systems architecture and IT development firm that has been in business for over two decades, iTexxia has been building a GPU-based cryptocurrency mining network over the past several years and is also launching a suite of DeFi-focused financial technology offerings.

The two teams have come together with a shared purpose — to create a blockchain lifestyle brand that can become a market leader and change the lives of everyday people looking to get involved in Web3.

MicroMiners endeavours to make cryptocurrency mining and on-chain passive revenue streams become a normalized, mainstream opportunity accessible to everyday people.

We have a vision of becoming a standard bearer for the millions of working-class people who want to become involved in decentralized finance and cryptocurrency investment. The name MicroMiners is very purposeful — it refers to the fact that at a micro level we can all become participants in decentralized finance and the blockchain economy.

Challenges & Solutions

We are a BIPOC-led team, which means that most of our founding team is comprised of Black people, LatinX, Indigenous and people of color. But we have teammates who hail from all ethnicities and corners of the globe and are of all shapes, colours and genders. This is important to us. Equality and economic inclusion are integral to the DNA of the MicroMiners brand.

We are entering an industry that is a subset of the existing tech industry. Unfortunately, the tech industry has historically been exclusionary, male dominated, sexist and xenophobic.

These factors are not unique to the sector, however — they mirror the unfortunate constructs within which most of our societies have functioned and operated in the modern era. The MicroMiners brand is infused with an insatiable desire to play a critical role in correcting these current inequities.

If you take a look at this recent infographic from Stack Overflow — the challenges in the existing landscape are very clear for all to see:

The current technology / blockchain development landscape is still incredibly under-representative of minority groups and people of colour

This isn’t due to a lack of ability (as some have sadly tried to argue over the years) or interest or desire — it is due to a lack of access and opportunity,

Our founders and project leads are led by BIPOC developers, entrepreneurs, sector analysts and customer experience designers. Our art team is incredibly diverse and hails from all corners of the planet. We have a plethora of core values that you will hear about over and over again, but a consistent value that you will hear every time we speak is — inclusion.

In Western society, we pay a lot of lip service to this principle, but at the end of the day, it is always the principle that is forgotten.

So many social, political and economic issues that we currently struggle with are actually the result of a lack of concerted effort, on the part of those in power, to create opportunities for inclusion, acceptance and equity.

As we enter a new golden age in tech commonly referred to as Web3 – it is critical that the ethos of decentralization, of access to opportunity for all, of financial freedom and economic inclusion become reality and not simply talking points as they have been in the past.

This will require education, stewardship, community and plain talk from teams such as ours, creating a platform of empowerment and a safe place for other aspiring teams and industry incumbents to become ever more vigilant in combatting the current structures in place.

Inclusion Matters

Why do you think the NFT space, perhaps the most exciting arena in cryptocurrency investment today, has seen such prolific amounts of attention paid to it by BIPOC communities, by women and virtually every under-represented and historically oppressed group in society?

We find ourselves at a crossroads in history where the traditional barriers that existed for so long are finally breaking down. The decentralization of finance and investing is a major part of this burgeoning phenomenon.

Minorities and working-class people have been toiling for years and suffering in silence in the traditional economic system. With the blockchain, there is a sense that financial freedom is now within reach for more than just a few powerful groups in society.

Cryptocurrency and NFT investment is creating a new vision for people to survive and thrive in the digital age — without traditional gatekeepers monopolizing power and access as they have for so long.

MicroMiners has an ambitious 100 year vision

MicroMiners is a financial technology company at our core — but we are also an educational content firm, a multimedia brand and a consumer products company with a comprehensive vision and roadmap.

Our team is resolute, passionate, intelligent and convicted. We are here for the long haul. Our project leads are doxxed, public and accountable people with years of cross-sector experience in media, marketing, financial services, product management and consumer goods.

The NFT space has been on fire since the beginning of 2021, with many projects debuting and huge communities built around digital assets, art, consumer products, events and experiences. There are hundreds of inspiring and respected projects in the space, but the most successful projects are ones that offer their communities a compelling utility, secure smart contracts and amazing art.

MicroMiners NFTs feature all three.

The MicroMiners NFT vision

MicroMiners will debut an exclusive NFT collection in the coming months. Our team will make 10,000 art-based NFTs available for minting on Opensea and Foundation.

MicroMiners NFT art is based on the story of the MicroMiners, a whimsical fantasy adventure story that we created to highlight themes of inclusion, perseverance, freedom and discovery. The MicroMiners story is original lore inspired by classic fantasy adventure franchises like Star Wars, the Avengers and Harry Potter. We have so much more to share with you about the MicroMiners franchise — stay tuned.

Minting and owning a MicroMiners NFT will give you access to an inclusive community of cryptocurrency miners, Web3 enthusiasts, 3D art lovers, builders and technologists who deeply care about creating a shared decentralized future for all people.

MicroMiners NFTs represent access to passive revenue streams on the Ethereum blockchain. With your help as a community, we will accomplish our incredibly bold and comprehensive roadmap.

Owning a MicroMiners NFT can change the financial life of your family over the next 100 years.

MicroMiners NFT holders will also receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, real-world meetups, physical products and subscription membership in an ecologically sustainable cryptocurrency mining network.

We couple this with a parallel vision of making an immersive art-based media franchise available to the public. Our roadmap involves growing our in-house content studio to create educational modules, games, toys and merchandise that can make crypto fun and accessible to the masses.

We can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks and months.

Become a MicroMiner and join our 100-year mission! In the coming weeks, we will be joining conversations on Twitter and Discord, hosting spaces, creating opportunities for dialogue and building our project in public. Building in public is not easy — it requires empathy, understanding, respect, authenticity and accountability. We hope our values and our vision resonate with you and that you will join us. There are still many positions available on our team for anyone who would like to contribute and help MICROMINERS create a future of blockchain investment access for people everywhere.




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