Blackness and Jewishness are not dichotomous.

2 min readJul 26, 2020

These are what the signs used to say.

Don’t forget history.

Don’t forget where we are coming from – and where we still have to go.

Tough being a Black Jewish man right now and hearing and seeing all of this ignorance. All of this nonsense.

Supremacist thought of all kinds needs to end.

Anti-Semitism needs to end.

White supremacy needs to end.

Black supremacy needs to end.

Brown supremacy needs to end.

My black brothers and sisters – Jews are not your enemy. My Jewish brother and sisters – Black people are not your enemy.

Blackness is a made up status a couple hundred years old that is shorthand for people mostly of African descent with lots of melanin in their skin.

Judaism is an almost 4000-year old heritage, culture and religion that has no colour attached to it.

Any dichotomy is pure fallacy.

Ignore the noise. Forgive the ignorance. We have to have the bandwidth for unity. We need to break bread with each other. Listen. Learn. Internalize. Empathize more than sympathize.

These divisions are not real. This is not reality. We are still living in the wake of a brutal colonial history. The very oxygen they need for this system to continue is for us to think we are different and to be at each others throats.

I have so much more to say but these have been tough, tough weeks and I’m trying so hard to keep my sanity.

Remember we were all in the same boat. We still are. See the 3D chess game for what it is. We are being played against each other. Don’t let them do it to us. We are better than this.

I implore everyone. Read the books. Watch the documentaries. Retain the information. Study history. It’s easier than ever. It’s at your fingertips.

Do the WORK.




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